Land angling facilities in our 5 hectares fishing private pond (carp, pike, bream, gardon, tanche) specially reserved for our hotel and shelter guests, to guarantee, this way, their quietness.

The pond is also the generous supplier of a number of fish and shelfish sugested in the menu.

• Fishing is authorized but only in a NO KILL basis, all fish must be thrown back into the water after being caught, except for the pike, the gardon and the bream.

• The hooks must have no crochet in order to not to injure the carp - each fisherman is supplied with three fishing-rodes.

• Adult faires from the age of sixteen on / daily card: 8 €; 3 days package: 20 €.

• Kids faires / daily card: 6 € ; 3 days package: 14 €

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