Jacques Barnachon   The history and cuisine around the Etang du Moulin


Jacques Barnachon is a true artist who deserves a book to be devoted to his cuisine. This book invites you to share with this great chef, his passion and his recipes to be cooked all the year round.

A selection of the finest recipes of entries, main dishes and desserts together with the advices Jacques Barnachon gives you, whatever your culinary skills might be, the desire of penetrating his secrets of the table pleasure.

The writer Daniel Leroux, one of his neighbours and friends, used his talent to tell this magnificent adventure that has lead Jacques to the stars top.

As nothing very special can be done without enthousiasm, this book also reveals the story of a whole family around a magic privileged place.

ISBN 978-2-84751-044-7   |   136 pages   |   format 22 cm x 28 cm   |   public price : 34.50 €

Published in september 2007 at Editions du Sekoya

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